We are dealing with wholesale, selling and export of the lead battery regenerant “C · C · B”.

About battery regenerant

“C · C · B” stands for “Cell Coating Battery”. It is a long-life agent to prolong the life of the battery.

Significantly reduce the costs of replacement purchases of expensive large-sized battery, such as electric forklift.

An organic polymer as main raw material, 100% Organic and biodegradability.

Impact on the human body and the animal is safe and general food at the same level.

The effect

◆To eliminate the cause deterioration and to maintain performance in the long term

Cause of battery deterioration collapse or damage of the electrode plate, “sulfation (charge-discharge lead sulfate that occur during adhere to the electrode plate, a phenomenon which becomes hard crystal)” and “falling (lead dioxide peeling fall phenomenon) “to eliminate, to maintain the performance of the battery.

◆The coated electrode plates extend the service life

By coating the electrode plate with a coating film, to prevent newly occurring as “sulfation” and exfoliation.

To prevent deterioration of the results battery, you can extend the life.

Unused battery of course, it is also effective in the battery in use.

By injected the “C · B · B “, the performance of the degraded battery revives.

※You can not revive what the inside of the battery is damaged.

The main deterioration cause of battery

Useful life of the battery, believed to 10-12 years.

However, the actual age is, you more to use state, it is about 1-6 years (mean 4 years).

Why leave a big difference in this way?

The main cause is located in the sulfation (charge and discharge phenomenon to rub off the lead sulfate that occurred during) and exfoliation (a phenomenon to rub off the lead dioxide).

[Minus plates]

Lead sulfate is generated during charge and discharge and its adhesion to the negative electrode plate, that becomes hard crystal Phenomenon. Lead sulfate becomes a resistance not conduct electricity, charge cycle Can not
efficiently becomes the cause of
such a voltage drop.

[Plus plates]

Lead dioxide positive electrode plate,
As you repeat the discharge,
Gradually flake off,
Reaction efficiency is reduced.

Time that can
be used Shorten

By adhesion of lead sulfate, When the area of negative electrode plate to be exposed is reduced, battery charged insufficiently In order to complete the charge in a short period of time, electrification can not reach up to the rated voltage.By the repetition of that, the charge number of times increased
and use time will be shortened.

Decrease of the
electrolyte ratio

Specific gravity as a reference for normal battery is 1.28, but measure the degraded battery for example, not rise more than 1.25, Specific gravity of the electrolyte is reduced.
(Measured at 20 ℃ of a liquid temperature)

Replenishment frequency
of purified water

During charging and discharging, the temperature of the electrode and the electrolyte Elevated, then the electrolyte evaporates faster. Resulting in, Replenishment frequency of purified
water will increase.