Industrial solar photovoltaic generation equipment (1 set) construction and maintenance management.

Related equipment (solar cell, module, power conditioners, etc.) procurement from domestic and overseas the installation is performed.

For solar photovoltaic generation

It is a system to change directly from the energy of the sun to the power using solar cells.

Using all of the light of the sunbeam on Earth,the annual energy consumption in the world can be covered only one hour…

Light to pour from the sun is infinite! There is no worry of depletion as oil and natural gas.

In addition, because the light of the sun be converted directly into energy, without any emissions of greenhouse gases during power generation, it is eco-friendly power generation method in very environment clean.

Merit of solar photovoltaic generation


Solar photovoltaic generation does not emit greenhouse gases and harmful substances during power generation.

As well, without greenhouse gas emissions, also emissions during equipment manufacturing and has been said to be relatively small.

◆Cost reduction

By revenue from electricity sales, it becomes possible to reduce the cost. Currently, many of the power company has announced a price increase of electricity bill.

Likewise, funding of feed-in tariffs for renewable energy, I have been plus company, day-to-day electricity prices without personal matter already as renewable energy levy.

The introduction of solar power generation is also effective as a countermeasure against electric bill rise.

◆Effective utilization of unused places such as on the roof

Roof of the warehouse and factories, or there is no land that does not take advantage?

Solar power, less installation limit compared with other power generation system, is easy to install to the roof-idle land.

The feed-in tariffs

Solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, the energy that takes advantage of the bounty of nature, such as biomass, I called the “renewable energy”.

Based on the national legislation, “renewable energy” electric power company a certain period in which they are generated by, and purchase at a fixed price, system is “fixed to bear in everyone of available electricity in accordance with the cost to use the amount of electricity is the price buyback program.”

It is, for less resources Japan, is very important to promote the spread of renewable energy by this system.

Solar photovoltaic generation Case Studies

Kochi: 873.6kW

Kochi-ken: 873.6kW

Saga: 1,199.5kW

Saga-ken: 1,199.5kW

Hiroshima: 627.6kW

Hiroshima-ken: 627.6kW

Aichi: 185.7kW

Aichi-ken: Barn 185.7kW

Hiroshima: 745.9kW

Hiroshima-ken: Warehouse attic 745.9kW

Kagoshima: 685.4kW

Kagoshima-ken: Family shop 685.4kW

Kagoshima: 288.9kW

Kagoshima-ken: Family shop 288.9kW

Kagoshima: 250.3kW

Kagoshima-ken: Family shop 250.3kW

Kagoshima: 1234.8kW

Kagoshima-ken: Family shop 1234.8kW

Aichi: 250.0kW

Aichi-ken: Warehouse roof 250.0kW

Kumamoto: 860.1kW

Kumamoto-ken: Family shop 860.1kW

Kagoshima: 336.1kW

Kagoshioma-ken: Family shop 336.1kW

Link to the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy buyback program portal site.